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Wafer Paper - Rice Paper

Wafer Paper 8 x 11 inch - edible paper

Wafer Paper 8 x 11 inch - edible paper
100 sheets a package - approx. 2 lbs.
Wafer Paper also called Rice Paper is an edible starch based confection that can be airbrushed or easily cut into desired shapes. It is slightly flexible, but is not designed for printer use.
Ideal for 1/4 sheet cakes.
Item: BC-WFO-811
Category: Cake Decorating > Edible Paper

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Edible Image® Print-Ons®

Edible Image® Print-Ons® - Kosher certified
  • Compatible with all printers and systems
  • Specially formulated for printing photographs, allowing color to penetrate the surface while minimizing bleeding and fading.
  • Blend into the icing, cakes cut easily without tearing the image
  • Packaged in 2 foil packages of 12 per box.
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Kosher certified

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