Silicon Molds and Mold Making Materials

This silicone mat has been designed by Ewald Notter making it easy to create "A Wedding Carriage Drawn By Four Horses" To enhance your wedding display or to add that finishing touch to your wedding cakes.
Can be piped out of chocolate, in any color combination desired or made with clear or opaque boiled sugar. Wedding Carriage is 4" high and 13" long when assembled. Comes complete with detailed instructions for use with either chocolate or sugar.
Please note: All sugar equipment orders are not returnable and sales are final.
Orders are usually shipped from the warehouse within 5 - 10 days.

A-065050 The Wedding Carriage and Horses $325
46.1 x 31.75 x 0.63cm (18.15" x 12.5" x 0.25")

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