Projector - KOPYRITE

Kopyrite Projector Cabinet Construction Steel
Size (inches) 10x10x8
Size (centimeters) 25x25x20
Weight 17 lbs/7 kg
Maximum Copy Size 6 x 6
Metric Copy Size 15 cm x 15 cm
Method of Securing Copy Spring Clips
Able to project 3D objects YES
Table Mounting Post YES
Lens Specifications F/3 200mm
Horizontal Projection Range 2000%
Vertical Projection Range 70%-400%
Accessory Lens Reduction 50%
Lamp Type Photolamp
Wattage 300W
Cooling Fan YES
Speed 40CFM
Electrical Specifications 110/120V 60Hz
220/240V 50Hz
Baseboard or Clamp EITHER
Guarantee 5 Years
The KOPYRITE is surely one of the most versatile opaque drawing projectors ever produced. It is precision made to cater to the most exciting demands of the professional illustrator or graphic artist, as well as the Arts & Crafts enthusiast, which a cost of about 1/3 less than its nearest competitor. With its whisper quiet fan, the ability to enlarge or reduce to almost any size, combined with an infinite range of uses, the KOPYRITE deserves the label of versatile. The following are just a few of its many advantages:

KOPYRITE does away with the need to use a tracing medium, projecting directly to your artwork. The 200 mm F/3 lens arrangement allows copy to be enlarged to 400% on the drawing surface, and up to 1600% for wall projection. It will reduce to 70% of the original copy. Accessory reduction lens kit allows reductions to 50% of the original copy.

The projector head swivels through a full 360 degrees, allowing you to project your image anywhere, from ceiling to floor. The KOPYRITE will project a bright image in normal daylight room conditions. You can project onto any surface, rough or smooth, and in full color.

KOPYRITE is portable, weighing only 4.5 kg. (10 lbs.), and is furnished with a 275 watt P1/1 photolamp which is color corrected to 3500 degrees K to insure accurate color reproduction. (The 110 volt model uses a 300 watt BAH photolamp).

KOPYRITE comes complete with adjustable stand, and is available in your choice of table clamp for mounting directly to your drawing board or table, or you can choose the optional 35 x 50 cm baseboard, at no extra charge.

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