Projector - Kopykake

Kopykake Projector Cabinet Construction Steel
Size (inches) 12x8x6
Size (centimeters) 30x20x15
Weight 18 lbs/9 kg
Maximum Copy Size 6 x 6
Metric Copy Size 15 cm x 15 cm
Method of Securing Copy Spring Clips
Able to project 3D objects YES
Table Mounting Post YES
Lens Specifications F/3 200mm
Horizontal Projection Range 2500%
Vertical Projection Range 70%-400%
Accessory Lens Reduction 50%
Lamp Type Photo lamp
Wattage 500W(250X2)
Electrical Specifications 110/120V 60Hz
220/240V 50Hz
The Kopykake is our original opaque drawing projector produced for artists. It is precision made to cater to the most exciting demands of the professional as well as the beginner. With its whisper quiet fan, the ability to enlarge or reduce to almost any size, combined with an infinite range of uses, the Kopykake is the best.

Kopykake Projector

Kopykake Projector

Original opaque drawing projector produced for artists.
Maintenance-free and weighs less than 25 lbs. Can operate in daylight conditions, and occupies very little counter space. Includes two 250 watt light bulbs.
110 volts
Item: BC-KK-P
Category: Cake Decorating > Airbrush

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