Airmaster-Plus Airbrush Compressors

The AIRMASTER-PLUS is the first airbrush compressor that is quiet, lightweight, attractive and affordable.
Airmaster Plus Compressors The C3000-A is a unique compressor with a built-in pressure switch. This feature means that your compressor is ON when you activate your airbrush, and OFF when you release the airbrush lever
The C3000-F is basically the same unique compressor, only that it is operated with a foot switch. This feature means that your compressor is running only while the foot switch is depressed. This model has a bleed regulator to adjust and control the desired air flow.
AIRMASTER-PLUS units combine sturdy construction with he latest manufacturing methods, resulting in a high quality compressor. Lightweight, yet powerful, durable and dependable. A special designed RULON© piston that actually breathes while working, giving higher performance with virtually zero maintenance. AIRMASTER-PLUS delivers plenty of power for most airbrushes. Pressures up to 50 PSI. Very quiet. Delivers 5 CFM @ 20 PSI

Perfect for every airbrush application. Whether its T-Shirts, Model Painting, Fingernail Painting, Crafts, Ceramics, etc. Educators, Students, Hobbyist, and professional artists alike can depend on AIRMASTER-PLUS to deliver convenient and powerful compressed air.

Underneath its attractive exterior - A workhorse made to last for years.

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