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Projectors and Airbrushes.

This Airbrush system is ideal for decorating cakes with airbrushed designs. This Airbrush Compressor System was designed for heavy duty use. The cake decorators best. Preferred choice of high volume and in-store bakeries. Read more...

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Custom cake decorating is now easier than ever with the Kopykake projector. You can use your own design, one of our many designs, or your customer's ideas. The Kopykake projects the design directly only any cake using high grade optics and a powerful light source. Simply trace the projected image on the cake using paint brush, icing, chocolate, or piping jelly. Read more.. 
The KOPYRITE is surely one of the most versatile opaque drawing projectors ever produced. It is precision made to cater to the most exciting demands of the professional cake decorator. KOPYRITE does away with the need to use a tracing medium, projecting directly onto your cake top. With its whisper quiet fan, the ability to enlarge or reduce to almost any size, combined with an infinite rage of uses, the KOPYRITE deserves the label of versatile.
Designed specifically for the cake decorator. This complete airbrush system delivers 10 PSI, which is perfect for fine lines and delicate shadings using liquid airbrush food colors. This pressure allows spraying of buttercream, sugar paste, and even fresh whipped cream, and does not blow holes into the frosting.

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