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Cake Decorating: Time of Joy Wedding Cake Kit (AK-180)

Style & Design may vary slightly
from the picture shown.
Time of Joy Wedding Cake Kit (AK-180)

Category: Wedding Cake

Item: BC-WK-58

The Time of Joy Wedding Cake Kit (AK-180) needs:
1 6 inch Round plate
1 10 inch Round plate
1 7 inch trim board
1 11 inch trim board
8 Clear columns with collars
1 Set pink / rose gum paste flower sprays

ds-6a 1 Small box with insert 9 x 9 x 5
ds-1a 2 Medium boxes with insert 18 x 18 x 10

Cakes needed:
Cake configuration yields 134 servings, 118 servings without the top tier.
1 x 6 inch cake
1 x 10 inch cake
1 x 12 inch cake
Information on Cake cutting guide for servings & Cake fillings and flavors?

Cake decorating tips used:
Tip sdt-21 for Triple e motion bottom border
Tip sdt-18 for Triple e motion top border, scallops and teardrop shells between scallops
Tip sdt-3 for Dots above scallops and teardrop shells

Colors used:
frosting - White for entire cake surface and decorations

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