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Cake Decorating: Thru the Ages Wedding Cake Kit (AK-140)

Style & Design may vary slightly
from the picture shown.
Thru the Ages Wedding Cake Kit (AK-140)
Set for 1 wedding cake decoration
Category: Wedding
Item: BC-WK-5

The Thru the Ages Wedding Cake Kit (AK-140) includes AK-140:
1 8 inch Round plate
1 9 inch Cake board with trim
4 Clear columns with collars

ds-6a 1 Small box with insert 9 x 9 x 5
ds-1a 1 Medium box with insert 18 x 18 x 10

Optional Items: (not included in Wedding Cake Decorating Kit)

Cake Tops & Figurines
Shown with cake top weddingcake1

Cakes needed:
Cake configuration yields 99 servings, 70 servings without the top tier.
1 x 8 inch cake
1 x 12 inch cake
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Cake decorating tips used:
Tip sdt-102 for Small ruffle around shell of top and bottom shell borders
Tip sdt-18 for Shell scallop
Tip sdt-21 for Drop flower on scallop top and bottom shell borders
Tip sdt-104 for Scallop ruffle
Tip sdt-67 for Leaves around drop flower
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Colors used:
frosting - White for entire cake surface and to fill columns
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